Subterranean Signal

" I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares. "

RITUAL 07 - Residual Self Image

Happy 3 day weekend everyone! Here’s a selection of music, played in one sequential track to keep you movin  This is a much more positive, dare I say it happier, mix than the last two. This is my birth month, when I feel more centered and at peace. This is also my first mix using the new site to host it, so hopefully things will play nice with tumblr.

ATTENTION: Due to bumping heads with SoundCloud’s copyright detection, I’ve downgraded my account and as of July 29, I’ll be back to a basic account. If you’re a fan of what I do, I urge you to check out my Mixcloud at This is the only site I’ll be uploading to. I hope you’ll continue to follow me. Thank you!

And we’re done. I have a 40 minute mix complete. Time to sit by the fire and smoke a victory cigar. It’s a little shorter than I usually do, but I think it fits the theme.
Before I get back to work, I’d like to take this moment to thank the official sponsors of mix challenge 2014. Without you this might not be possible.
My thinking face. I have a track list I like. Time to put it all together so it makes sense
Part of the master list, time to start getting picky
Lunch is over, and mix challenge 2014 has begun! Look at that steely face of determination (and a twinge of hangover)


So, my wife and step-son are traveling way way up north to spend the weekend with her sister. I am not making this trip. I am not a woodsy person. I enjoy 4 walls, wi-fi, and society being 15 minutes away.  I can respect the beauty of nature, but after about an hour of it I’m looking for a coffee shop.

My first thought was I just be the biggest, laziest bastard I want to be and no one would be the wiser. I could stroll around my house naked if I so desire or pee with the bathroom door open. Do As Thou Wilt.

But instead, I’m going to challenge myself and my artistic mantra (Creative Aggression) for this year. I’ve been doing one mix a month and sticking to that, but it usually takes me around 2 weeks to put one together from start to finish. Not for June. Tomorrow, I’m going to put together a playlist of around 30-40 tracks, and from that playlist, I’m going to create and record my mix by midnight on Saturday.

The June mix is called ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK and you can guess it’s quite aggressive. My May mix was about taking punches, facing adversity, and going through the struggle. This one is about throwing punches, saying fuck adversity and thriving in (or to) spite those who wrong you. And I’m going to put this big bastard together in one day from idea to recording.

I’m going to try to document the process and share some photos here. When I’ve done a mix, I’ve always tried to a have an idea or a theme in mind, a musical snapshot of my life at that time. I hope some of that sinks in a bit when you listen. Thank you for supporting me in this endeavor.