Subterranean Signal

" I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares. "

TML and Jim Frick’s dance party REAL FUN launches Saturday
This happened tonight. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t keeping an eye on this. I’d like to thank anyone who’s ever clicked that little play icon on anything I’ve posted. To get to 1000 overall plays is a cool milestone.  It feels good to carve out my own little space, slowly growing the identity of what I do. 
And a special shout out to whoever it was in the Philippines who listened to my Best of ‘13 NuDisco/House mix 8 times yesterday, you must love the funky shit.

Where to Find Me in 2014

Where to find me in 2014:
Soundcloud - - my main hub, all of my mixes go there first, and older ones are available as well.

Tumblr 1- - Main page for my business, Subterreanean Signal. All the mixes get cross posted there, plus if I ever have a music related rant, it’s going there. I think I have one of those in me soon.

Tumblr 2 - - a collection of images, art, and thoughts that I find inspiring, throught provoking. Basically artsy fartsy pictures, with a little bit of derp thrown in.

Twitter - - Not used very often, mainly as a vechicle to keep up to date on artists/musicians/authors I admire.

Instagram - - Going forward this year, I’m going to use IG for more creative images, and keep the day to day photos to FB.

This is My Jam - - A good place to find out what song is moving me at this moment. Changes every week.

Mixcloud - - my last resort upload spot if Soundcloud fails.

They say 2014 is the Year of the Horse. My mantra this year is “creative aggression”. So mount up and join me for the ride…or get trampled under pounding hooves.

2014 - creative aggression